Septic Systems and Root Remediation

If you decide to plant any vegetation on top or around the tank area, it restricts access to perform an adequate inspection and roots WILL get into the tank costing you a considerable amount of money to fix. Please reconsider!

Roots are proving to be a significant problem in central Texas.

System taken over by roots
Drain field root infiltration

Septic systems are full of high nutrient water and for some reason the trees prefer the aerated section of aerobic septic systems. This is a huge problem for most systems because of the way they are manufactured and/or assembled.

Roots are getting in, and in some cases, they are getting in areas that cannot be seen nor retrieved without significant intervention.

Root infiltration is not only limited to the aerobic system tanks.  Roots also love the drain fields of conventional and drip systems.  If this happens, it can cause your field to fail and result in very expensive repairs or even a total system replacement.  Please be careful when planting vegetation.  A little bit of planning before can save you thousands of dollars later.

We are addressing this problem head on and have equipment dedicated to solve these problems as efficiently and quickly as possible resulting in no water flow stoppages in the house.

Root Ball found in a system

These oak tree roots were pulled from a newer system from a tree over 60 feet away! Please do not plant bushes or trees around your system.

Removing a root ball from a system