If your maintenance agreement is coming up for renewal soon, then you have probably received a letter from the county.  The county had a rule change in July 2018 that removed the $20.00 annual fee and replaced it with a $50.00 late fee.

You may be asking yourself “How does this affect me?”

This means that we are no longer collecting the $20.00 to remit to the county, therefore we have reduced our rates by $20.00.  This also means that you may receive multiple letters until you have renewed your maintenance agreement, either with us or with another company.  You will also start receiving renewal notices (emails) from us a lot earlier than you are used to.  We are trying to stay ahead or in line with when the county sends out their renewal letters.  We are not trying to annoy you or force your renewal, just to make you aware.


The $50.00 late fee will only apply if you do not have a maintenance agreement in place when your current agreement expires.  The new maintenance agreement can be either a renewal or a new maintenance agreement with a different provider.  If your current agreement expires on 12/15/2018, the county must have received the new agreement on or before that date.

The homeowner is responsible for the late fee.  The county will mail the bill directly to the homeowner.  If you believe that your agreement was paid in a timely manner, please contact your maintenance provider to discuss the late fee.

If you would like to see the letter that was provided to the maintenance providers please click here.  We are sending a copy of the letter to all of our customers when we send your renewal notice as well.