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Wimberley Septic Pumping offer pumping in Hays County and surrounding areas.  We have a brand new 2021 Peterbilt, 4200 gallon pump truck.  We carry 300 ft. of hose coupled to a liquid cooled pump that can lift over 20 ft.

Ask us about our competitive pricing for breweries, wineries, and distilleries!

Our prices are very competitive.  Our operators are knowledgeable, thorough, and professional.

We specialize in removing of ALL sludge(unless otherwise agreed upon), rinsing of all tanks (with a water source nearby), visual tank inspection, and waste transport to an authorized facility.  Do not get caught hiring a smaller truck that cannot empty your tanks entirely.

We allow 15 minutes of tank location and digging. We do provide locating and digging services.  Those services are $25 per 15 minutes.

It is highly recommend allowing us to supply and install risers and lids to all access points saving you future digging and locating cost over the life of the system.  We highly encourage bringing all access ports above grade. It is code in some areas. To add them at the time of pumping is not expensive to do and allows for easy inspection and service in the future.

Don’t pay for locating and digging twice!

Information to have before you call

  • Is the system Aerobic or Conventional?
  • How many gallons are the tanks OR, how many gallons per day for aerobic?
  • Do you know the location of ALL tanks and access points and are they above grade?
  • Do you know when it was last pumped out and the age of the system?
  • Do you have any drawings or pictures of the tank locations?
  • Is the system currently in alarm with higher than normal water levels?

Pumping intervals of septic tanks

Typical aerobic septic systems with minimum designed flow rates (most systems), use 1000-1250 tank size or when directed by competent service technician.

From the TCEQ website
For conventional systems, it is recommended that you pump your septic tank every three to five years to prevent short circuiting of the treatment process…… For aerobic treatment units, it depends on the depth of sludge and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Pumping schedule